Headquartered in Richardson TX, Mission Aid Project exist to provide support and care to those in need. We offer a wide variety of health, education, housing support, and related services used to relieve the burden of families that are suffering.

Through your giving! MAP is able to respond,support, and care, relieving the burden off those families that are suffering.

Become a Community Representative

Join us in making a tangible difference in your community by becoming a MAP Representative. Our reps are the backbone of our outreach, bringing health, education, and housing support to those in need. If you’re ready to transform lives, including your own, start here.

How It Works:

  1. Express Interest: Fill out our brief application to let us know you’re ready to serve.
  2. Get Trained: Receive the necessary training to effectively assist and advocate within your community.
  3. Make an Impact: Work on the ground, directly impacting lives through our various assistanceprograms.

Ready to step up? Apply Now and become a part of our mission to serve and uplift.

How We Work

Health Assistance

Housing Assistance

Education Assistance

Natural Disaster Assistance

We rely on the generosity and support of the general public to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals facing various challenges. Your assistance and donations empower us to extend a helping hand to those who require it most. Every contribution, no matter the size, contributes directly to our ability to provide essential aid and support. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those who are in need.

Our Vision

To become a world advocate in the advancement of healthcare, education, and welfare of the under-served. ​​

Our mission is to inspire and empower children, individuals and families to succeed.

Join the MAP Family: Membership Options

At Mission Aid Project, Inc. (MAP), we believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from diverse individuals and families coming together for a common cause. Our membership options are designed to cater to different needs and capacities for involvement, ensuring everyone has a place in the MAP family. Explore our membership types and find the one that resonates with you.

Life-Share Membership

A Healthier Tomorrow for Everyone

Student Membership

Empowering Dreams Through Education

Family Network Membership

Strengthening Families, Building Communities

The Founder of Mission Aid Project, Inc.

Daniel Musinguzi, President & Founder

Daniel Musinguzi is a native of the Republic of Uganda. He is no stranger to the struggles many of the children, individuals, and families his agency serves endure. He was reared in Kampala, Uganda. He is a man of character, integrity and sound wisdom beyond his years. He carries a sense of mission that is recognized by both political and church leaders and layman alike in his motherland Uganda.

About Mission Aid Project (MAP)

Becoming a sustaining donor is the easiest way to support Mission Aid Project. Help us increase our impact by committing to a monthly donation. You and your organization can help Mission Aid Project to spend less time securing donations and more time fulfilling our mission.

Help Fight Homelessness Monthly

We invite you to consider becoming a monthly donor, providing consistent and reliable support that fuels our efforts to help those in need. Monthly contributions offer a sustainable foundation, allowing us to plan and implement long-term initiatives that create meaningful and lasting change.

Give Today

Every single donation makes a real difference. Your immediate support will help provide urgent resources to families facing homelessness. By giving today, you are offering a lifeline of food, shelter, and essential services to those in immediate need.

Give Monthly

Become a pillar of support for our community by donating monthly. Your recurring gift ensures a steady stream of assistance that helps us plan ahead and deliver crucial programs. This consistent support is the foundation that enables long-term solutions for the homeless.


Empower change by starting your own fundraiser. Whether it’s a birthday, marathon, or a bake sale, your initiative can rally friends, family, and colleagues to raise funds that contribute to life-changing services for individuals and families battling homelessness.


Dedicate your time and join our team of passionate volunteers. Your hands-on help is invaluable, whether it’s serving meals, tutoring children, or helping to build homes. Volunteering is a direct way to make a positive impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is designed to provide quick answers to common inquiries about our organization and how you can get involved. Whether you’re looking to donate, volunteer, or learn more about our mission, you’ll find the information you need right here. If your question isn’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.
What is your organization's primary mission?
Our primary mission is to combat homelessness by providing comprehensive support to individuals and families in need. This includes not only immediate relief through shelter and food but also long-term solutions such as affordable housing, healthcare, job training, and educational programs. We are committed to empowering the vulnerable in our community towards a stable and self-sufficient future.
How can I contribute to your cause?
You can contribute to our cause through donations, volunteering, and advocacy. Financial contributions can be made as one-time gifts or as monthly donations. We also welcome volunteers to assist in various capacities, from direct service provision to event planning. Additionally, advocating for policies that support the homeless in your local community is a powerful way to contribute.
Are donations made to your organization tax-deductible?
Yes, all donations made to our organization are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. As a registered [501(c)(3) or equivalent] nonprofit organization, your contributions are deductible from your federal income taxes. We recommend consulting with a tax professional for advice on how to claim your donation on your tax return.
Where do the funds donated to your organization go?
Funds donated to our organization are allocated to a variety of programs that directly aid those affected by homelessness. This includes emergency shelter operations, transitional housing, health and wellness services, educational programs, and skills training. We ensure transparency in our finances, and detailed reports are available on our website or upon request.
How can I get involved as a volunteer?
To get involved as a volunteer, please visit our website’s volunteer section and fill out an application form. We have a range of opportunities that cater to different skills and availability, from single-day events to ongoing commitments. We also provide training for specialized volunteer roles to ensure the best support for those we serve.

Latest Stories

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Every day, ordinary people commit extraordinary acts of kindness on the streets of our city. From small gestures of giving food to the hungry to the larger efforts of organizing shelter for the night, these unseen heroes are the heartbeat of our community. Their good deeds may often go unnoticed, but their impact resonates through the lives they touch and transform. Join us as we share stories of compassion that remind us of the power of humanity.

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The funds you give go directly to help with family healthcare, education and housing needs.