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MAP Volunteer Opportunities


Position: Board of Directors

Type: Board of director position unpaid

Location: MAP home office in Richardson TX, USA

Mission Aid Project is a 501(c) (3) organization with a mission is to inspire and empower families to succeed. To achieve our goals, we raise funds through membership contributions and the generosity of our friends. MAP uses the funds to assist families, children, and students by eliminating their most pressing health care, education, and financial challenges.

Mission Aid Project is looking for compassionate leaders with valuable skills to Join our cause and help grow the organization. Leaders must be prepared to donate a minimum of 10 hours monthly to perform their duties.

MAP Desired Board Skill Set

A- Professional Fundraiser

B- Legal/ Charity Law

C- Nonprofit Administration

D- Public Relations

Positions: MAP Program Directors

Type: Volunteer to full time paid

Location: MAP home office in Richardson TX, USA

A- Director of Health care Programs

B- Director of Education Programs

C- Director of Housing Programs

MAP is looking for directors who are willing and interested in helping to lead and grow our programs. If you are interested in becoming a Program Director with MAP and are willing to advocate for the rights of children, students, women, and families. Please fill out MAP volunteer application form!  Each program director volunteer position will become a paid office position with full benefits after one year of volunteer service with MAP as a program director.


Board Member Roles and Opportunities


A- Administration and Support

B- Grant Writer

C- Workshop/Event Organizer

D- Volunteer Recruiter/ Coordinator

E- Fundraiser Event planner

F- Web Developer/ Social Medial professional

G- MAP Family Liaison

H- MAP Student Liaison

Minimum 1 year commitment  and renewable at close of first commitment. All members must attend 1 monthly meeting

Please use this volunteer application form to submit your resume and cover letter detailing relevant experience, back ground, willingness and interest  to join MAP.

Mission Aid Project, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)3 organization. All gifts are tax-deductible according to the IRS.

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