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MAP is raising funds to build Namukoge Women and Children's hospital  in Kalilo district of Uganda. "More that 100 women die during childbirth each week in Uganda; more than 16 women per day. This is a very startling statistic. Most of these deaths happen in villages where bad roads and poverty make it difficult for women to reach health centers. Health centers have been built in villages across Uganda, however the structures are devoid of equipment and medicine. Ugandan news papers frequently tell stories of women treated by midwives or nurses in unsanitized area that are void of compassion. Caregivers are sometimes overwhelmed by the complexity of the delivery and women are left to die.

In Namukoge village, the future site of this health clinic, there is no access to health care . Most women deliver without basic sanitation such as gloves or even have access to clean water. Women die often of bleeding complications or sepsis due to non-sterile environments. Should the government do more? Absolutely! However NO one has taken personal ownership of maternal health care in Uganda. I grew up in Namukoge and have seen first hand the suffering mothers have had to endure. What here in the US is considered a basic right for a women, in Uganda is ignored. Women's rights are violated when they die in childbirth!

Mission Aid Project (MAP) is taking a personal interest in improving maternal health care in Uganda. Specifically in Namukoge Town Council. We are looking to build a clean, safe environment that women in this area can come to give birth. We are hoping to drastically reduce the mortality rate among childbearing women in this this area. You can help MAP do this one village at a time

We are dedicated to the process of making this happen, but your help needed. Your donation will bring us closer to the goal of $1,000,000. We are also accepting donations of medical equipment as well as clinical materials i.e (band aids, blood pressure cuffs, hospital beds, hospital gowns, sterile gloves, thermometers, fetal dopplers; ultrasound equipment, scales etc...The list goes on!

We are excited and eager to see this project succeed. You can be a part of this! If you believe in rights of women, then I know that you believe in the rights of ALL WOMEN, EVERYWHERE! Help these women live! Don't ignore this. Also we would like to provide young girls and women
free sanitary supplies. More than half of the school girls who drop out of school in upper primary classes do so because of lack of sanitary facilities or pads. We would like to supply girls in the area with tampons and pads for FREE, there will be no more shame in being the wonderful women God has made them to be. You can help. With your donations of this supplies directly or with your on line giving.

Would you stand with us by making a donation of $25, $50 or even $100 to help build Namukoge Women and Children's Hospital!

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